Santa Cruz Property Management
For Associations

We provide a comprehensive level of financial and practical support for Homeowner Associations

    • Regular site inspections with Board members
    • Coordination of routine maintenance with vendors
    • Collection of three bids for each project exceeding $1,500
    • Attendance at regular Board and annual Membership meetings
    • Maintenance of priority list of tasks for Board
    • Preparation of meeting agendas and comprehensive Board packages
    • Preparation of Board meeting minutes
    • Preparation and mailing of all annual election materials
    • Serving as election inspector, if needed
    • Correspondence with members and third parties
    • All accounting and financial statements
    • Preparation of annual budget and review with Board
    • Coordination of annual tax return preparation
    • Assistance with collection efforts
    • Coordination of annual financial review, if required
    • All banking with no fees
    • Preparation and distribution of Annual Disclosure Package
    • Periodic insurance policy review
    • Electronic copies of pertinent HOA docs stored in the cloud
    • Set-up and maintenance of all Association files
    • Secretary of State filings
    • Education of Board regarding Davis-Stirling and other legal provisions
    • Physical storage of files per recommended file retention policies
    • 24 hour on-call emergency services

Our HOA services can be tailored to suit your individual property needs.

The Distinct Difference: Santa Cruz Property Management

We offer Associations a fiscally efficient approach to Santa Cruz property management. We know that confidence comes from knowledge so we keep you informed. 100% of inquiries are addressed within 24 hours or less. We are the premier Santa Cruz Property Management company known for seamlessly integrating complete property management, excellent financial reporting and clear communication in the property management field in Santa Cruz County.

What Our Clients Say

I’m on the board of directors for our small Homeowners Association (16 units). We switched to Distinct Property Management January 1 and we couldn’t be happier with the change. Nora, one of the owners, has worked closely with our HOA to get us back on track after terrible service from our previous property management company. We have the full service option and  it feels like the super deluxe option! All the Distinct staff respond promptly to emails and phone calls. Work we’ve been trying to complete for months (and even years) is getting done efficiently and in a cost-effective way. In less than a month, Distinct has saved us hundreds of dollars. For example, we found out we were paying for unnecessary insurance–and this has been going on for years with our previous property management company. In addition, Nora, Kristi, and the other Distinct staff have made the transition easy and smooth. Their work is professional and impressive. I highly recommend Distinct Property Management!

—Stephanie C., Corcoran Place HOA